Gaea Learning OMNIGAEA TRAINING · Online and face-to-face, hands-on workshops.
At OmniGaea we have been working since 2002 towards the “acculturation” and “digitalization” of the professional community.

That is to say, helping professionals in all fields to make the most of this new digital era, extending their existing knowledge or entering new areas that are having more and more impact at the professional level. Sometimes, this means not being left behind on a personal level.

“Digital gadgets, widgets and APPs” are all around us but sometimes we may not take full advantage of them.

We may also find it tedious to read manuals, whether it’s a digital or video camera or even a new computer program that we’ve just had installed on our PC. The iCloud and all of its associated services are inundating us, many of them are free services while others are fee-based, but do you know how to choose which are the most suitable for each action you are going to undertake in your company?

The vast majority of our students are medical doctors, freelance professionals, executives, employees in large corporations and SMEs, and even the clients of executives we train.

We offer in-class training, online tools or whatever other format that you wish (screencast, video, CD, manuals, etc.) to all of them. Our programs range from a program with ultra-scientific content (if that is what our customer happens to need at the time) to a professional-level course, such as a training course for webmasters on how to manage a website, to learn more about the digital world, or to learn how to give an attractive and dynamic presentation for a meeting.

Check out some of our training programs on GAEALERNING.COM and if you can’t find what you are looking for – we will set it up for you!.

Our collaborator network covers all the knowledge fields. We are a great and ever-growing team and we share everything we know. What we really enjoy is receiving “offbeat” requests to learn about new things that we hadn’t even thought of.

We want to contribute to bringing training on new technologies and any other area of interest to wherever we are called upon to do so.

Putting our programs up on the Web now is just the continuation of an ambitious project to go even further and place our knowledge and expertise within everyone’s reach.